Cardi B offers Style Advice in her Steve Madden Campaign.

The star teamed up with Steve Madden for a collection of shoes.

And while the campaign photos plus the shoes—now available—are worth your time, it’s the accompanying campaign videos that we can’t get over. In a series called “Daily Tips with Cardi B,” she dishes out hilarious words of fashion wisdom.

"Every woman need to have a pointy shoe.
Alright, If I button this shirt, I can go to a business meeting but I could go to the club."

"Right now white boots are my style and they made in the U.S.A."

"I look rich as hell, cause I am. You could look rich too cause look at these boots. They Steve Madden b-. It's a secret though, But Cardi B told you. "

"And our favorite: you know what makes a outfits?  A good, poppin-ass  shoe."

This are all what she said  lol


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