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Puma × Off white

Hello blogfam.... The long run is here
You know that kind of feeling you get when you get to wear your favorite outfit
That amazing feeling 

The feeling of wearing puma and off white belt πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

How you all likely??

Two Different Outfits I Wore On My Birthday!!

Hey blogfam...I bet you all didn't know yesterday was my birthday and to say... I was really excited
It was a funfilled day for me
The gifts
The love and all...

So today am sharing the two outfits I wore

The All Black + Yellow belt A black pencil skirt + T-shirt+ Off white belt + Heels 

Blue + Yellow Light blue jeans + yellow tee + off white belt + high heel
How you all likely?? Yay or Nay

Life Update- How My Past Week/Month Has Been Going!!

Hello My Lovely blog fam, its been age's here and to sum it all I missed blogging, I miss all fun and all, but its good all because my past weeks and month has been going well and to say I had been a Lil bit busy.

But today am here to give you all a little tip on fashion
Have you ever wore some kinda outfit and u feel happy even if no one tells you how look in the outfit, but you know you are good to go... Now that's the fashion spirit.

And the amazing part is, you never get tired of trying out new outfits, new trends and all
Well that's me...

So guys until next time..❤